There is growing demand from investors to mobilize their capital in ways that align with values and mitigate risk. Using a technology-driven approach, we’ve removed the complexity from ESG investing.

Our insights are delivered through a web-based platform that optimizes investment portfolios for ESG exposure.

Key Features:

ESG scoring that is dynamically weighted to the user’s distinct set of values.

Insights at the portfolio and company level.

ESG factors that ensure relevance and accountability.

Reporting tools that generate powerful, engaging visual narratives.

The Platform

How it works


Create an ESG profile by selecting the values you care about.

These values are then weighted and analyzed.

How it works


Companies are scored and ranked based on values prioritized by the user.

Companies are compared to their closest country, region and sector peers to remove bias.

Portfolios and indexes can be loaded in for constituent ESG scores.

Optimal Portfolios can be used for idea generation and further engagement.

How it works


Visual breakdown of key ESG factors allows users to ensure investment meets personal criteria.

How it works


The Materiality Map provides further transparency.

It allows for highly targeted ESG exposures within the portfolio.

Users can engage or divest from companies. To pivot when necessary. And evolve as needs change.

Act is for:


Our platform boosts client acquisition and retention by enabling advisors to have values-based engagements with their clients. Advisors can create a discretionary portfolio or assess a fund to ensure it aligns with client values. Intuitive reporting software generates powerful visuals, to demonstrate how investment dollars drive impact.

Asset Managers

Our granular and transparent insights give asset managers the ability to easily integrate ESG into their existing investment process. Covering more than 200+ factors, asset managers can calibrate ESG exposure to create effective thematic portfolios.


So long, greenwash. Act Analytics provides an effective means to ensure asset managers are poised to correctly integrate ESG factors into an existing process. Our platform provides an accurate, accountable means to audit ESG claims. To optimize performance. And ensure investments stay true to institutional values.