Frequently Asked Questions

What are the underlying data sources?
Corporate news articles from 100+ reputable sources across the globe are delivered to us in real-time through web news. A natural language processing algorithm then identifies the company, categorizes the article by ESG topic, and assigns the article a negative or positive score. Individual article scores for a company are aggregated and weighted by time and topic news volume to arrive at a company score.
How can I use this data?
Real-time ESG news data has several broad applications, particularly within investment management. For those with longer-term investment horizons, our data is a great equity research tool to identify investment opportunities and assess unsystematic risk. The frequency of our data means that it can also be used to develop shorter-term trading signals. Finally, the accuracy of the data provides powerful visualizations and reporting for your sales & marketing efforts.
How can I evaluate this data set?
The Act API and the Act Explorer are available for a 30-day free trial upon account registration.
How is your data set unique?
Our real-time dataset captures corporate ESG events that are material and have higher correlations to asset prices than lower frequency datasets. Moreover, we only use independent, high-quality news sources, resulting in unbiased insights that are free of corporate greenwashing.