Academic Research Lab

The Act Analytics Academic Research Lab is a collection of leading academic and industry research partners working to derive new insights and further understanding of the impact of independent current ESG signals on stock performance.

Students and professors are provided with free access to the Act Analytics data suite of ESG scores, via either the API or Act Explorer web application in support of their research. Academic papers addressing specific issues or testing hypotheses on risk and returns from environmental, social and governance signals are encouraged, with additional support and mentorship available from the Act Analytics team and connection to other academics.

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Collaborate across the Act Analytics Academic Network. Share ideas with other research students and academics. Ask Questions. Connect with other ESG leaders.

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Some examples of research Act Analytics are supporting or looking to support includes:

  1. Environmental performance of companies as measured through news.
  2. How does diversity of a company’s board translate to diversity sentiment and shareholder value?
  3. Use of news sentiment for investor insight into sustainability linked loans.
  4. How does banks financing of fossil fuels translate into environmental news sentiment.
  5. How does news sentiment analysis combat greenwashing? How does ESG news sentiment compare to CSR disclosed ratings?
  6. How have corporations performed on Social justice and labor rights during Covid and their market implications?

There are no open Hackathon sprints at this time. Please check frequently for updates.