Act Analytics Scores™ are inspired by the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Users can select the data fields most meaningful for their investment approach. Act Analytics scores are available by API or our web application Act Explorer.

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  • Act Fast Score™

    The Act Fast Score™ is a real-time score to give insight into market-moving ESG changes.

    The Act Fast Score™ is continuously updated and smoothed by a weighted moving average of the most recent twenty-five articles from trusted sources.

  • Act Score™

    The Act Score™ provides an independent rating, supported with underlying data, for longer term investors as transparent market intelligence to counter potential greenwashing.

    Ratings are calculated and maintained on a smoothed weighted moving average over a large number of trailing articles from trusted sources.

  • Act Volume Score™

    The Act Volume Score™ provides unique intelligence into the volume of articles, filterable by ESG issue, to establish a comprehensive picture in developing your strategies for alpha.

    It is built with an array of values that indicate the number of articles per day, extrapolated from the average difference in time published over the trailing twenty-five articles.

  • Act Daily Score™

    The Act Daily Score™ helps investors in real time to monitor and predict market changes in your search for alpha.

    The score reflects the twenty-four-hour change in the Act Daily Score™, as shown in absolute terms.

  • Act Momentum Score™

    The Act Momentum Score™ is a powerful tool to help predict market change using real-time news updates.

    An array of values that indicate the rate of change in scores over the trailing fifteen articles, leading to the Act Momentum Score™.

  • Act Event Score™

    Act Event Score™ helps users understand the major events, both positive developments and negative controversies for ease of consumption.

    Events are identified using intelligent clustering to pull similar news articles into a single event, that can be easily filtered by category and sized by coverage & severity.

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