About ACT

Our philosophy.

We believe the time is now to impact a better future. And that modern investment can be redefined based on sustainable investment practices. When engaged effectively, Environmental, Sustainable and Governance factors can inform effective, inclusive decisions. And lead the way to a prosperous future.


Michael Unwin


Born in Toronto, Mike brings international experience in the fields of asset and wealth management to Act Analytics. In his 16 years as a financial advisor, Michael has lent his expertise to leading families globally and has worked extensively with financial institutions, charities and private equity groups. He joined RBC Dominion Securities in 2001, relocating to Nassau, Bahamas in 2012 as part of their global investment practice.

During the course of his career, Michael increasingly realized what many have: The world is changing rapidly, and sustainable business practices are crucial to securing prosperity. This led him to the field of impact investing, with a focus on ESG investment analytics. His goal is to harness data-driven expertise and technology to enable asset managers, investors and institutions to positively affect global change.

Michael holds advanced qualifications in financial planning and investment management techniques, and maintains a chartered investment manager designation and portfolio manager registration with the Ontario Securities Commission.

He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children. He continues to support his former home of The Bahamas, as it faces the effects of global climate change.

Zachary Dan


Led by the belief that modern investment can evolve to face mounting global crises and change, Zach co-founded Act Analytics in 2018.

He holds extensive expertise in the fields of quantitative analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His work exists at the intersection of technology and finance, helping to define Act Analytics as a leading model for ESG investment and sustainable prosperity.

Zach brings experience developing systematic investment strategies, new product development, workflow automation and the construction of new research platforms.

Before Act, Zach was a quantitative analyst with Aventine Asset Management in Toronto.

He holds an MS in Computer Science from The Georgia Institute of Technology, specializing in Machine Learning. He also holds a BSE in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Michigan.

Zach lives in Toronto with his girlfriend. During winter, he’s likely on the search for quality snowboarding conditions.

Elgin Chau

Product Specialist

Elgin is an experienced sales leader with a diverse background within the financial services sector.

Over the course of his career he has gathered more than $2B in AUM globally. He began his career as a quantitative analyst on Guardian Capital’s global equity team in May 2013, where he gained increasing responsibility for the research and design of their growth and dividend mandates. He then transitioned his knowledge of systematic, rules- based investing to Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management where he was responsible for servicing North American and European clients in quant-based strategies.

Elgin believes gender & diversity representation in the workplace leads to better outcomes. And the best companies are those who put this at their core. He brings this vision and expertise to Act Analytics, where he develops sales strategies for both advisory and asset management verticals.

Recently relocated from Vancouver, Elgin now lives in his hometown of Toronto. He chose the west side, they’re thrilled to have him back.

Qiyu Zhu

Engineering Director

A full-stack software developer based in Toronto who is passionate about writing maintainable code and delivering solutions that work.

Qiyu has been programming since 2003 and acquired a repertoire spanning Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, SQL, HTML, CSS, Linux, and more. He received his Bachelor of Science in computer science and mathematics at the University of Toronto.

He enjoys the technical challenges that come with working at Act Analytics, and gains experience in technical areas while making products that serve clients’ needs. Outside the job, he continues learning to keep up with new technology, and writes articles explaining mathematics and programming.


Geoffrey Belsher

Former Head of Wholesale Banking

Bill Young

Social Capital Partners

Michael Dan, CM OOnt LLD PhD (Hon)


Adam Jagalewski

Lead Executive
Centre for Impact Investing

Julia Clubb

Former Director of Fixed Income and Currencies
RBC Capital Markets

Elizabeth Linley

Manager of Climate Change and Sustainability Services
Ernst & Young