Positive returns.
Positive change.

Sustainable investing has arrived. ESG assets now account for more than 23% of invested capital globally, driven by an increasing desire to align profits with purpose.

Stay ahead of this trend with Act Analytics. Our platform helps advisors effectively integrate ESG into the sales cycle. Whether it be climate change, diversity, or human rights, you’ll be able to have values-based conversations with your clients and deliver portfolios they can feel good about.

See for yourself how Act Analytics can strengthen your client relationships, boost client acquisition and drive results—ones we can all live with, well into the future.

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ESG factors.
Transparent. Granular. Actionable.

  • We don’t believe in doing anything in a black box. Our ESG scores are meant to be sliced and diced so you know exactly how a portfolio is driving sustainable outcomes.

  • Discover and highlight the ESG factors that offer your clients key opportunities and important risk considerations.

Dynamic scoring.
Unbiased results.

  • ESG is such a broad topic that it’s easy to get lost in the noise. With Act Analytics, companies and funds are scored according to your client’s specific set of values.

  • We compare companies to their closest sector, region, and country peers to remove bias from our insights. Invest with the knowledge that you are targeting best-in-class companies that are leaders in sustainability.

We’ve made portfolio construction a breeze.

  • Our technology was built to scale. We track over 20,000 companies and 10,000 funds/ETFs to give you the breadth and flexibility to construct portfolios however you want.

  • Coupled with an intuitive interface that is as snappy as it is insightful, we help you make the right investment decision fast.

Talk to your clients about what matters.

  • Have inspiring conversations with your clients with our suite of reporting tools.

  • Highly customizable, they give your clients a powerful visual narrative. Show them how their investment dollars are contributing to a more sustainable future.

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